Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sartorially Inclined

Overall, I'd say I am sartorially inclined and it is reflected in SOUTHERN GENT posts. SGStyle captures my clothes horse inclinations - classics with a southern slant. But to get a more global view on men's clothes and style, how-to and a bit of history on classic garments and gear, head over to Sartorially Inclined.

Lawrence, residing in Charlotte by way of New Jersey, has made his presence known with almost two posts a day - one new content and one news post - since launching in September. His comments on other blogs are insightful, to the point, and interesting to read; much like you'll find when reading his own posts at SI.

And if my endorsement is not enough, he was invited to the L.L. Bean Signature brand launch in New York and asked to contribute to Debonair Magazine.

All that being said, the best part of this blog launch has been the opportunity to get to know L.A.S. over email, through Facebook and via his blog. I hope to connect with him over a bourbon soon, be it above or below the line.


  1. (blushing), haha. Too kind, DAM. I appreciate this a lot. Who would have thunk that hoping onto blogspot on a whim to write about men's clothes would lead me to meet such great people like yourself. The world really does work in mysterious ways. Thanks again buddy and yes, we need to share a bourbon asap.

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  3. Anon: YES IT IS!