Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Saddle Up

After Tuesday's post, it got me thinking that when I was looking for a pair of saddle shoes a few years ago the pickings were slim.

With partnerships between Duckie Brown and Florsheim, Billy Reid's worn version, Mark McNairy's new interpretation, hell, even Urban Outfitters are now in the game. GQ has written about them and even the blogs are a buzz with north/south opinions on how to wear a pair.

Being a Southern staple and now a getting a nod from North, here's some of the more accessible and probably long last (i.e. classic) pairs on the market:
  • G.H. Bass: 'Burlington' for Urban Outfitters in tan and brown leather;
  • Johnston & Murphy: 'Brennan' in suede and nubuck;
  • Mark McNairy: for 'Epaulet' in navy suede with crepe sole;
  • Cole Haan: 'Colton' salt nubuck with coffee leather and British tan details;
  • Allen Edmond's: 'Shelton' cordovan & black calf (note: used in Michael Bastian's Fall 2007 inaugural collection);
  • Orvis: 'Deerskin' with deerskin and calf uppers.
While the selection is much better than ever before, I'm still pretty happy with the pair I own.

Image Credits: clockwise from top left


  1. Thanks! I was looking for something like this!

  2. I was forced to commend my 22 year old Walk-Over saddle bucks (tan suede and brown leather, red sole) to the deep last month. Just wouldn't take another sole, the lining was shot...

    Alas, I am still searching for their replacement while I try to sneak in weekly wearings of my equally old but less worn-in black and white WalkOver saddles, and plain white bucks....


  3. Megan9:43 AM

    what are your feelings about Sabagos. Do you remember those? Apparently, in NYC they have been seen making a come back. Only I can't find the originals -- Lands End is making something similar to the original brown sabago now.

  4. Great collection - I've got a pair of J&M Owens (just like the AE Sheltons) and a pair of older AE Polos (black on black). I can't believe that saddles' style would be 'cyclical' - how can these ever go out of style?

  5. RHW - Great call on the Walk-Over brand....I've got a pair that sounds exactly the same as the ones you em (I fear they may not take another resole either...) and miss the brand....a great US made throwback label.

  6. I haven't worn saddle shoes since I was six years old, but I loved 'em when I did. I received a pair of white bucks from my brother as a 21st B-Day present, and I still own and wear them today (the very pair still). They get a heavy rotation in my wardrobe during warmer weather. I love them. Reggie

  7. Gillette12:34 PM

    Nice know what they say about a man with big feet...women chime in on the perfect length: