Sunday, February 13, 2011

So Where Were We? Part II

November weekends were marked by 30th birthday celebrations that captured the essence of the season....

Together with several friends, we hosted PCW's 30th birthday party at The Bayhouse just outside of Chestertown, MD.

Crisp weather, clear skies and the aroma of bar-b-que filled the afternoon air as we shot clays over the Chesapeake Bay and prepped for dinner.

A local caterer did the hog, Star Monograms of Annapolis did the custom cups, and we all made our favorite Thanksgiving sides with the intention of adding seasonal comfort foods that had meaning to each of us (I did this Sweet Potato Recipe).

The evening ended, or for some just begun, when we lit a bonfire on beach and danced the night away with iPods circling through the Bose dock.

Two weeks later, I hosted a buffet supper for WJR's 30th birthday inspired by Ina Garten's Barn Warming Barefoot Contessa Episode.

Cutting boards were piled high with pizzas from Spike Mendelsohn's We, The Pizza. Traditionally cut in triangles, we asked for the pies (Simple Cheese, Roasted Potato & Pancetta, and Spinach & Artichoke) to be cut in easy-to-eat squares. Accompanied by a mixed green salad, guests were able to serve themselves 13 bean soup in white ramekins and finish with olive oil or Parmesan cheese.

The buffet was set on a craft paper runner with piles of apples, pumpkins and gourds. Cutlery was grouped in silver mint julep cups and tall orange tapers were set in antique brass sticks.

As Ina would say, "How easy is that?"

What has been special or interesting about the parties you've hosted or attended recently?

Images: Thanks to my sister, DCM of The Belle Beat.


  1. Shooting clays and eating roast pig....heaven on the Chesapeake...well done

  2. Great post and even better having you "back" - more, please.

  3. Looks amazing! I'm planning 2 adult and 2 childrens parties right now

  4. Glad the SG is back. Based on your photos, you've had quite the time over the past few months. I'm planning on making a District trip this spring/summer, we should definitely catch up.

  5. This looks like one of the best party themes ever! Hubby and I may need to borrow this for next fall. :)

  6. I Look forward to you new postings.

  7. Sounds like a great party! I've started my own new blog--Feel free to stop by!

  8. Where you been, DAM?

  9. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Where ya at? Damn.

  10. FANTASTIC photographs !

    Have a super weekend.

  11. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Where is the bayhouse? How can I contact them? Trying to plan something similar...